The educational method of Dr. Maria Montessori is based on self-directed activity and hands-on learning in a specially prepared environment.



We offer a full-time Montessori program for children 1-6 years old.


Welcome to our OPEN HOUSE on 07.02. 14-16:00!


Montessori Community is a high-quality daycare designed to meet the developmental needs of the children aged 15 months-6 years old. 

Our Montessori Community  feels like a cozy home where children enjoy personalized attention by our friendly and well-qualified teachers.

Montessori Community is a safe place for exploration, place where the child has a freedom to move without barriers or fear of being told to stop. As the child explores prepared environment he satisfies his natural curiosity, begins to build a sense of confidence in his ability to discover the world and do things. 

All items in the environment are scaled to the child’s size, including furniture, shelves, utensils, dishware, cleaning implements and the Montessori materials themselves. 

Bright and attractive colors, natural materials, fascinating cultural objects and interesting pictures on the walls all offer the children complex sensory and intellectual experiences.