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Infant community for ages 1-3

Little children benefit from growing in small groups and our Community feels like a cozy home where children enjoy personalized attention by our friendly and well-qualified teachers.

Our Community is a safe place for exploration, place where the child has a freedom to move without barriers or fear of being told to stop. As the child explores prepared environment he satisfies his natural curiosity, begins to build a sense of confidence in his ability to discover the world and do things.

The following areas of exploration are included in our program:

Practical life activities

Practical life activities offer the children active participation and collaboration in the aspects of care of self and care of the environment.


The child is fully immersed in an English language environment - all the activites the child engages in become a language lesson, because the child absorbs the language he hears. 

Fine Motor skills (eye-hand coordination) area 

Coordination of hand movements is essential for building intelligence. Maria Montessori called the hand of the child “the second brain”. 


In the movement area the children learn how their bodies work.

The more the child moves, the more connections neurons make in the brain, so movement makes your child smarter!


Art and music help to integrate both parts of the brain.

We offer Kindermusik Music&Me classes as a part of our Montessori classroom. This program encompasses instrument and vocal play, dance, rhyme, storytime and more, to boost the early language and literacy, pre-math, and social and emotional skills young children need. This feature is unique to daycares in Finland. 

The Montessori Infant Community is a unique English daycare in Helsinki and Finland, offering  high-quality care and education for children aged 15 months-3 years old. Our nursery in Helsinki caters not only to physical welfare, but also pays great attention to the child’s spirit. 

Our working hours are: 8:30 -16:30 Monday-Friday
  Our Infant Community daily schedule:
8:30-10:00 Welcome to the Community!
Free exploration of the Montessori environment
10:00-10:30 Kindermusik session which encompasses instrument and vocal play, dance and story time.
10:30-11:30 walk in the park 
11:30-12:15 lunch
12:30 -14:30 nap time
15:00-15:30 snack
15:30-16:30 walk in the park (there can be slight alterations to the above schedule depending on weather).

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