Starting Your Child in School


Starting Your Child in School by Peter Davidson


Here’s some advice on making your child’s transition to school a smooth and comfortable one, based upon our long experience with the subject.




Food and Independence


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The road to independence is both biological and psychological and weaning is an important stage in advancing along this road. 

There is a time for everything and the good use of each stage can help the child to develop much better


The crises of development


Much of what the adults in a Montessori environment (home or school) need to do for children, is related to the developmental crises of infancy.





Usually children of age group 0-3 are scribbling.

Scribble – to write or draw in haste, without care, without legibility or value; make indecipherable or meaningless marks.


Technology Tools and Interactive Media


During the earliest years, infants and toddlers interact primarily with people. Their interactions with toys are usually in the context of human interaction as well.



Toilet training


We often keep the children at a lower stage of development  - pacifier and diapers until 5 years old; the child can go well by himself, but we still transport him in a stroller, he can eat independently, but we still feed him etc. Toilet training is a very important step to independence. It gives the child:

-          Attitude “I can do it”;

-          New stage of development.


The perfect arrival



The night before -  provide a nutritious evening meal free of harmful additives (videos, television, cell phones, computers …) accompanied by interested and interesting family members;



Benefits of the Practical life activities


“With practical tasks, we can keep children happily occupied while their movement improves in coordination, their egos develop and are reinforced and the personal security and self-esteem continue to be enhanced.


10 things you can do at home to support the development of your child’s movement



From the very beginning provide a floor bed, which allows for free movement, in a bedroom prepared with safety in mind.

10 things you can do at home to support your child’s growth in self-discipline


 Prepare her environment with furniture and equipment that are the child's size.